Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

I know I'm one of the few in a minority here and that not enjoying this film more is a bit of an oddity, so I'll keep this very brief. I thought all the performances here were very good & that the concept itself was absolutely genius. But in execution, this film was not quite for me. Simple as that, which should be fine. The comedy & artistic design here reminded me a little too much of Wes Anderson, a filmmaker I'm already not all that big on. That said I didn't find myself laughing too often here in moments it expected me too, with some of the jokes really falling flat(although the subject matter being made so awkwardly light of may have played a small part in this as well). I generally love Waititi's work, but this felt a bit too visually filtered through the lens of another for me, if that makes sense?

In the end, I believe the presentation really just got in the way of its creative intentions and I couldn't shake it. I also think way too much when watching films like these, so maybe it was just the jarring English speaking cast or something weird like that of which I couldn't get past(I know it's strange, but even as a kid I already couldn't fully enjoy Mulan due to the entire cast randomly speaking English, so I won't put it past myself). However, this was still a very well made film with a cool premise and wonderful story. It had its moments that really got me in the heart & had a great final act with an overflow of real emotion. I just wish the tone was able to settle itself a bit more so it didn't feel so all over the place as far as what the director really wanted me to get from it. Lastly, both Griffin Davis & Scarlett KILLED it with her work here. Also, great to see Nick Frost in a small role again. So, yes, this movie is good, it's just not really for me and I hope we can all still be friends after this.

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- The Spork Guy

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