Jump Off A Building ★★★½

I've been a bit partial to skate videos since I was in High School. CKY Changed my life in ways I fail to fathom. I used to skip the skate segments on those dvd's, but I eventually began looking out for them. I'm a fan of anyone who's great at something I personally can't do. It's so admirable to see someone excel at a sport or activity I can barely comprehend the required skill set for. This video released by Toy Machine was not only one of my favorites, but was also the first major skateboard publication to contain footage and promotion for Bam Margera and Brandon Dicamillo.

In other words, if it weren't for this, we may not have had a CKY series that was as popular as it had truly become. This, all in all, is a factor of childhood that only someone who enjoyed it as a child would give a shit about today. Thus, this whole entry for the film itself may not be worth a damn to most reading, and that only means everything I've written so far has been true. Very well then. Moving on...

- The Spork Guy