La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

I'm really damn confused right now. Something must've gone horribly wrong done the line here. In no way whatsoever should I have actually enjoyed this. And I don't take that lightly, because I pretty much loved this movie. It's already so difficult to get myself engrossed in a musical as it stands, classical or not. Considering this is a mixture of classical and not, the results were pretty much up in the air. Wow though. This is apparently what magic feels like. It's a strange, yet welcomed sensation. Treating myself to a cinemascope laden production is something I don't do too often, mainly because it's not really up to us as the consumer to do so on a whim anymore. But this last possible delve was a glorious one indeed.

The color, the spirit, the sound... Oh the marvelous sound. The kind of sound that eliminates all negative effects of Ryan Gosling's attempts at vibrato. The senses were alive during this picture's runtime. A lovely tribute to the days of Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon are as lively as they ever were while experiencing what La La Land has to offer. A brilliant twist on a timeless format. Take the players of a classic 1950s musical and throw them into a modern day, nihilistic Hollywood setting. What you get are the inner thoughts of a realist on a really good day. High hopes and endless dreams unbeaten by the smog heavy, oil stained roads of tinsel town and all of its overpriced tourism traps. Our protagonists are aware to how much LA sucks and we are in on such a jok... Truth.

Jazz, a genre alive and well in the era this film writes love letters to, is now a dying beast of yore. A story about an actress, not a starlet, failing to get roles rather than beat out her last standing piece of competition. Music and choreography meant for an MGM epic is instead utilized through the masterful eyes of a true movie buff with zero hindrance caused by a sugar coating. This is how love works on the real world stage. A life choice rather than a reward. Something just as hard to chase after as it may be to sacrifice for the bigger picture. A perfect ending, to an absolutely magnificent moment in cinema history.

- The Spork Guy

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