Paprika ★★★★

Paprika is a film by a true auteur. That's what I realized on the latest re-watch of this trippy classic. This is a film not hindered by the director's choice to make it more accessible, nor to make it more coherent for the sake of the average movie goer. This is a film that must be deciphered as much as it should be enjoyed like any other before it. Yes, much was used from this in order to physically create Nolan's Inception, but not in the sense we all think. Unless Nolan is lying and his script for Inception wasn't over 10 years old like he said, he isn't a total and complete thief. I'm not convinced of his innocence yet either. Moving on.

This anime features the same dream, within a dream, narrative, but instead of a heist, this is a terrorist plot being foiled by the protagonist's perky superhero alter-ego. It's such a fun plot, even when just describing it! It's execution as a whole is awesome, being that it doesn't feel like a starting point. All the characters come off as pre-developed as if we skipped a chapter somewhere down the line. This is a CSI type cop show at heart, and the fact that this storyline was crafted to feel like a mid-season episode rather than a pilot speaks worlds of Kon's vision. The animation is tight, every character is unique and memorable and no one scene goes by without a new question needing answered. It's funny, fast-paced(understatement)and way too creative for a mortal man. Good thing Satoshi Kon was always a God after all. May he dream eternally!

- The Spork Guy

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