Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★½

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Beyond Fest 2017 Screening

They were right. They were all right! Seeing this on the big screen truly is the only way to see it. I've never watched it before an audience, let alone at the Egyptian of all places, but this transcended all other viewings I'd ever had. Quite possibly my favorite De Palma film, Phantom has now soared to the top of my list without much of a question left to ask. 

Having post discussion with Paul Williams was just awesome. I missed the cinerama dome screening a year or so back, so this made up for that tenfold. One of the greatest on screen villains and songwriters in our presence helped dispel any rumors that he was ever ill toward Rocky Horror. Nope, he thought that movie was also great. What a guy. Total gentlemen through and through. 

I had forgotten how great Jessica Harper was too. What a voice on her. I just wish she could have actually been there at the screening too, since well, Suspiria was playing that night too... I mean, kind of a huge missed opportunity, but I'm positive it was without good reason that she was absent. Anyway, Phantom is such a great film, such a great musical and such a great experience when put to the right circumstance. I shan't forget this one!

Big thanks to friends Nick Fidel and Frank Woodward for joining me. 

- The Spork Guy

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