Room ★★★★★

You all know how hard it is to describe the most beautiful thing you've seen all year... This is without a doubt that picture. After seeing his previous film, "Frank", you'd only figure the director as a somewhat surrealist powerhouse in the indie scene. But no, this guy has created something of almost Pixar level proportions. It's genuine, confident and fearless in its portrayal of itself. Films seen through the eyes of a child are something that always tear me up. Not just because of having been there yourself, or due to missing that little piece of innocence that made the world seem so much safer to live in. But because of how correct you were to have seen things that way to begin with. To think, having the hard-hitting plot slowly revealed to the audience through a mother's soft spoken words to her 5 year old son, as a means of keeping him safe and without a state of panic. It's not only incredibly effective, but quite possibly the MOST effective, let alone realistic way to go about such in general.

A young woman kidnapped for 7 years. During her stint, she gives birth to the one thing she loves most. Sheltering him, lying to him, keeping him guessing in the dark about how little "Room" actually has to offer them. The world is an amazing place regardless of how big it seems to you. This movie only helps in proving that notion. An exercise in how upbringing will shape your outlook on life itself, the film doesn't sugar coat anything beyond that of how little Jack perceives it all. His monologues are calming, all while heartbreaking when realizing how happily naive his analyzations actually are.

Though I felt the movie ended quite abruptly and William H. Macy's part in the film felt unnecessary or at least criminally underused, I still feel this was an easy 5 star film. The more I thought on its imperfections, the more I realized I couldn't get the film out of my head. It left a mark on me I can't, nor do I wish to erase. Through a wonderful story, a pulse-pounding escape sequence and a shot of Jack seeing the world for the first ultimately being one of the most powerful images in cinema history, Room is more than just a great movie. Room is everything that made your innocent years so special, re-imagined for the whole world to see once again. The world is dark, brooding and out to get you at all angles. But this work of art knows where to find the light switch.

- The Spork Guy

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