Sicario ★★★★½

This movie proved that I truly am a fan of Denis Villanueve. "Prisoners" is one of my favorite movies of all time now. "Enemy" was a great semi-sci fi romp that delivered a puzzle as devoid of simplicity as it was simply unfathomable. Sicario was an impressive tour de force and might be the poster child drug cartel movie we've been silently asking for. Emily Blunt plays a high ranking FBI agent of whom volunteers for a very discreet CIA mission deep in the heart of Mexico and is quickly shown how real the world actually is, as her comfort zones are all but eliminated in one foul swoop. Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro play two fellow operatives as they not only keep our main protagonist in the dark, but us as the audience as well, as we can tell there is much more to their mission than we personally know ourselves.

From the first scene of the film(and I add, ESPECIALLY the first scene in the film)I was hooked on this movie's menacing atmosphere. A pulse pounding drug raid on a most haunting compound is shown while one of the most simple yet frightening percussion based soundtracks plays throughout the course of this masterful opening. From there, the pacing of the film is rather perfect in the sense that we only see what we must with just the right amount of context accompanying it, allowing no room for confusion. The performances are near perfect, the story is enthralling and the chunk of the film in which I call, "The Juarez Scene" is one of the scariest moments in 2015 cinema. However, out of all this praise, the real top bill star of Sicario is Roger Deakins. His breathtaking and tear inducing cinematography is so overwhelmingly beautiful, not a single shot was wasted. Every frame of this movie was Monet landscape, if not much better than anything that man had ever painted. The team that came together on this feature film must've been summoned by the heavens themselves, as they knew how to produce a vision of truly divine power.

In the end, it's all in the end. Meaning that the ending has been called somewhat of a hit or miss. I can agree. There are a few things I could've seen changed, added and/or reversed altogether in order to give a more satisfying resolution to an already satisfying journey. What we got was nothing for me to truly complain about, but even I saw that this was the only portion of the experience needing a facelift in some areas. For all I know, my mind will change on a second viewing. Most likely to be honest. Until then however, I can add Sicario to my list of films proving just how lucky I am to be alive.

- The Spork Guy

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