Silent Running ★½

Probably the most violent and inappropriately G-rated movie ever made. The film explores and features the subjects of suicide, murder, blood loss, dismemberment, cataclysm, and insanity. What wholsome film for the whole family. Back before the days of Al Gore and sci-fi remakes of "Dances with Wolves", we had Silent Running, the world's first green peace autobiography. About a lonely and sociopathic green freak in space, Silent Running depicts how one man cultivating the universe's last garden would play out. Resorting to the murder of your fellow man in order to sustain the life of another. Much like PETA. Complete with a cheap ending and covered in preachy, green cult shit, we have a precursor to modern day resource preservation based sci-fi films in which the big climax at the end of the movie is a seasoned botanist learning that plants apparently *SPOILERS* need sunlight...!? That's seriously some casual M. Night type shit. Not impressed by the concept, direction nor script, all of which were helmed incorrectly for what it could have been. Bruce Dern is a great actor, but we all know that, particularly due to other films that show how his talents should have been utilized in the first place. If this was his sentence for killing John Wayne, I can now see why that was considered such a big deal. Poor guy.

- The Spork Guy

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