Starred Up

Starred Up ★★★★½

An amazing feat in making the viewer feel just as cramped and tense as the characters in the film. The simple narrative of Father and son reconnecting is given to us in the most intimidating way possible. A young inmate is sent to prison and we look into his days there, fly on the wall style. After finding out his father is a fellow inmate, a very visceral love/hate relationship brews between them. Though the story is clear, the main selling point of this movie is the realism of day to day jail bird life. I've never seen a more realistic prison movie in my life and unless there's one out there I haven't heard of yet, I'm sure this will ring true with anyone else. The acting is just as flawless as the story they interprit. The plot may be a bit slow, but it is powerful enough to keep you constantly glued to all going on. Every scene is perfectly executed without a dull moment in between them. Starred Up is one of the best movies of the year and by far my favorite British film since "Filth".

- The Spork Guy

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