Stir of Echoes ★★★★

This is by far the best film by this director I've ever seen, and pretty damn good ghost movie in general. Most paranormal themed horror flicks I see are usually condemned early on by an over the top plot or creature design. This one has neither. Centered around a man who gets hypnotized by his wife's best friend, he is immediately susceptible to visions of the dead once the process is complete. We see gruesome montages of violent and frightening actions occur on screen whenever these visions come to haunt him. As they get worse, and his abilities begin to ruin his home life, he sets out to rid himself of his ailments and an elaborate, twist heavy mystery begins for the audience to help solve.

Because this came out at the same time as The Sixth Sense, this film was quickly forgotten and has become somewhat of a cult classic. In no way is it a better movie than Sense, but I wouldn't say it wasn't still worth the same attention. The twists this film takes are surprisingly well executed, as I didn't see anything coming when it did. Especially a moment in the film involving "feathers". Pure, fucking, genius. So grab your Social Distortion t-shirt and experience one of Kevin Bacon's most impressive accent heavy performances to date.

- The Spork Guy

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