The Babadook ★★★★

Possibly the scariest movie I've seen in the last few years. I was very pleased with seeing a horror film that utilized actual horror techniques to grab the attention of its audience. No jump scares, demonic possessions or POV video camera footage. Nope, just a really screwed up Dr. Suess book and a creepy mascot to go with it. No annoying or evil child centered on the story this time. We actually respect this child's dilemma and want him to succeed. Through the satisfying execution and unfair nature of his predicament, we see the rehashed story of kid labeled as crazy for "seeing things" turned upside down. Transcending this classic trope of horror is simple enough when you involved the prospect of the skeptic mother eventually being haunted by the very same creature she denies existing. I mean, c'mon, that under the covers scene... Wow!! Finally the horror fans have something fresh to saver in between the next installment of stale ghost stories. Extra points go to this film for showing clips from Mario Bava's "Black Sabbath"(more importantly from the, "A Drop of Water" segment). This truly shows which actual masters of horror inspired the authenticity of The Badadook. Australia has been on a major role this year in the foreign film market. A title that usually goes to South Korea in my books has shifted to a region down under. If it means we'll be getting more films of this quality from them, then I'm all for it.

- The Spork Guy

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