The Golden Dream

The Golden Dream ★★★★★

The Golden Cage, aka The Golden Dream, has got to be one of the most beautiful, authentic and harrowing tales of illegal immigration I've ever seen represented on film. I was simply blown away at how realistic, yet enthralling every moment of this celluloid adventure truly was. Not quite "The Grapes of Wrath", nor is it exactly "El Norte". This is a story of its own, throwing 4 adolescent dreamers into the fray, all of whom yearn for a prosperous future in America. Traveling north from Guatemala, this small group of nomads set out by means of train, boat, tunnel and foot in order to reach what they understand as a promised land.

The film masterfully deals with the themes of prejudice, willpower and brotherhood in way most movies can only dream. And speaking of dream, this film's final act is something of a wake up call to the world itself. Getting to see everyday events put into a perspective less viewed is something we as a species need to witness, let alone comprehend. It is through this understanding that we will someday be able to make the correct and humane judgements we must in order to thrive. As a man living in Murrieta, a city famous for turning back a bus full of children attempting to escape certain death, who were then killed or labeled as missing upon their return, the beauty of this feature only further solidified my sympathy for the subject matter in question. They say art can change the world? Well, when the brush strokes are this fine, you can call me a believer.

- The Spork Guy

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