The Look of Silence

The Look of Silence ★★★★★

The Act of Killing was already one of the most amazing pieces of cinema I'd ever seen by the time of its release. The ending scene alone is scarred into my mind. I would've never thought that it's successor would be even better. Not only is The Look of Silence a much more accessible, straight forward and for lack of a better term, endurable piece for most movie goers, but its way of dealing with subject matter is a lot more universally felt than the more artistic approach that Killing took. A young eye glass doctor, who's brother was killed in the genocide, interviews some of his country's most notorious governmental murderers while he check's their eye sight. It's that simple. Throwing in extra scenes involving his grieving mother and blind, centurion father, it's impossible not to feel emotionally penetrated by the film's halfway point.

The interviews get rather heated, rather quick, but the emotion pouring from our protagonist's eyes and voice is enough to take the wind right out of your body. The murderous subjects, constantly on the teetering edge of guilt, never quite let their humanity show. Though proud on the outside, their pain is there, fully intact. It's the most human film of the entire year and by far the best documentary of 2015, if not the last 3 years altogether. Let's just hope a film about backup singers doesn't take home this one's well-deserved recognition as well...

- The Spork Guy

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