Under the Silver Lake ★★★★★

There are some films in which I'm simply puzzled as to why I find myself drawn to them so. One's I cannot admit to having loved on a first viewing, but immediately watched again shortly afterward nonetheless. Having watched this nearly five times since this initial viewing date, David Robert Mitchell's the unfairly crushed and sabotaged latest work, Under The Silver Lake, is one such example of a flawed work of art that I just can't stop analyzing from new angles. I don't even know if there's anything truly there to attain from such multiple ventures. All I know is that I'm getting far too much nuance out of a seemingly nonsensical neo-noire title to claim otherwise. This meandering tale of conspiracy and lust centered on the sprawling landscape of LA's East Side is a tongue-in-cheek take down of elitist narcissism, unnecessary dogmatic tradition, unhealthy pop-culture indulgence, as well as the industry's blatant over-reliance on male gaze brand sexism to push along its primary narrative.

While dreadfully guilty of possession all three on display, its clear opposition to such in the sarcastic and painfully oblivious light in which its presented in bestows some true merit. However, its main selling point is its existence as one of the few films I've seen allowing a viewer to solve key mysteries alongside the protagonist. Mysteries & lore located within secret codes hidden throughout the film's set design. An incredible idea that's executed brilliantly here and one that still has over 5,000 people online trying to summarize what they presume to be its "final mystery". Though its clearly making fun at those who tend to over-analyze any film on a given basis, Robert Mitchell has done one hell of a job as to add some actual pay off to a film who's narrative progression is based on the idea's of connective material. Either he's planted something big at the bottom of that lake.. or he's just made one of the most cinematically pleasing practical jokes of 2018-2019(depending which side of A24's dirty distribution deal you fell on).

- The Spork Guy

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