Villains ★★★½

Ok, now this is what I'm talking about! Villains, while not anything necessarily new, is definitely one of the better "bad guys who aren't really the bad guys" movie I've seen in while now. Skarsgård & Monroe are way too likable for this movie's own good, being terrible criminals & dishing out some hilarious banter over the course of the entire film. Not since Pulp Fiction have I seen a movie that humanizes the crooks so well as this, showing off their adorably casual conversations in between their little crime sprees. It's great. But not quite as great as Kyra Sedgwick & Jeffrey Donovan are in this, who're both killing it throughout the time we see them on screen. Every single antagonist in this movie is so devilishly enjoyable here that each performance is like an individual carrot on a string. You know you shouldn't fall for it, but damn it, these carrots are fantastic! The script for this film, though pretty standard and even predictable at times, is bleeding with life and energy. I was never bored at any point here and found myself chuckling quite often. This is one I'd easily watch again. I don't really know if I'd buy it per se, but it's one I'd be happy replay, especially in a group setting. Popcorn entertainment never hurt anyone, as long as the popcorn never goes stale. This is that good Redenbacher shit.

- The Spork Guy

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