Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★

Upon rewatching this film recently, I hadn't realized just how similar to Twin Peaks this film is to the rest of his feature catalog. Its execution is nearly esoteric in nature, accepting its quirks as normal and odd narrative as general due process. The world of Lynch is one quite few of us dare to challenge, but from a safe distance, its almost always promised to be a strangely whimsical spectacle. Violent, free-willed and shocking, Wild at Heart ends up being a great double feature with Natural Born Killers. Its a great Bonne & Clyde type thriller that allows the viewer to interpret more of the film's plot beats rather than merely follow them. Featuring half the cast as Twin Peaks and a well-placed shotgun to Willem Dafoe's face, this is easily one of my favorite Lynch films. Too sad to hear he's all but retired from the world of feature length cinema. Let's hope an epiphany occurs within the man soon.

- The Spork Guy

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