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  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

    Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


    Captain Underpants is a film that has its heart in the right place throughout the entire film. It has this innocent and childish personality to it that will be charming to some, but may alienate others; however it is hard to deny the effort put into the writing as a majority of the jokes delivered in this film are wicked clever and should cause a laugh out of almost any age demographic.

    The main stars of the films are Harold…

  • Oculus



    That damn mirror. Always causin' trouble.

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  • Hardcore Henry

    Hardcore Henry


    "Are you just going to sit there and swallow your blood. Or are you going to spit it out and go spill theirs?"

    The audience for this movie may be really thin, and I mean THIN! There were a few people in my showing walked out after the first ten minuets and I can't really hold it against them. It just wasn't for them.

    For me though:
    I fucking loved it.

    Hardcore Henry may be a dumb movie, but it…

  • Burn After Reading

    Burn After Reading


    This movie is kind of a clusterfuck, but thats kinda the point. I gotta say I kinda wish this movie was a littlw bit longer, but who am I to say.

    Also, Brad Pitt gets shot in the face in this film.