Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

"...and away we go"

Hollywood folk-lore is more interesting than Hollywood itself. Tarantino isn't interested whatsoever with delivering a verbatim history lesson, but he wants to do with history like he always does - it's all revised and his own fictional world. I lived in Southern California for a bit in my youth, and although I wasn't fond of it, films like this and Inherent Vice capture the So. Cal feeling so well; it's all dry, hot, deserted, but pretty, lively and maybe a little bit ominous. I never was a fan of living in Southern California, but Tarantino captures such a uniqueness to the area that it made me miss it, but only for 2 hours and 40 minuets. I know people will have some issues with Tarantino's more mellow pace here, but I ate it all up. It's something that, when you realize it's about to end, you don't want it to. It's much different, but much more welcome.

Leo and Pitt are proving they are still very much in their prime and delivering some top level performances, and although her presence in the film is much more passive, Margot Robbie is always such a pleasure to watch. The rest of the cast more or less takes a back seat, which I don't necessarily mind either. I can see some people being dissapointed with how certain actors are used in this, however the back seat performances add a lot to the charm about it. I especially liked Margaret Qualley's performance in the film as small as it is (WATCH THE LEFTOVERS). Everyone was pretty much welcome and perfect.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a step outside of the comfort zone, and it's very much worth it if you allow yourself to delve into the dry California setting, and the free flowing story of Rick and Cliff. The resolution may feel like something different from the rest of the film, but considering everything else that happens in the film, it feels oddly perfect.

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