Under the Silver Lake ★★★★★

"There's a lot of skunks in Los Angelas. Especially the east side."

David Robert Mitchell really misses that classic Hollywood mystery. It shows in his detail woven story, his answer obsessed characters, and Disasterpiece's riviting noir score. Though he mixes these classic mysteries into the the conspiracy obsessed culture leaking into contemporary times. It works incredibly well, as some classic film techniques and homages are used tremendously. It's a film that subtly engrossed you into this underground world that comes into full fruition once the end credits hit. It's really something special - to me at least.

The plot sets a huge number of details that are cleverly used to deliver information and causes its own world to turn onto its head. The world flips and you can never see it the same way again. It also serves these rich characters that give the give the film so much life, lore and influence. It feels so incredibly genuine at times that I felt like I could bump into these idiosyncratic characters out on the weird as streets of East LA.

Garfield's performance proves again why he is one of my favorite actors working. Even in his weaker films, it shows he definitely cares, and Under the Silver Lake may be his best performance, or at least up there with that of Silence and The Social Network.

With a film like this, I'm excited for whatever a rewatch will give. It's just fucking awesome. Really really fucking awesome.

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