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This review may contain spoilers.

A reason I stayed up late at night.

Insomnia. I've got to say I was hoping for more of a mystery, however Christopher Nolan has created a compelling piece of crime-drama.

This movie went against my expectations in two ways. First of all, before watching it I had no idea what it was about. I simply assumed it would be some kind of trippy piece of filmmaking with incredible storyline to make me swoon before the screen as I usually do fro Christopher Nolan's films.
The movie is nothing like what I expected. It starts out with Al Pacino's Detective character of whom I have forgotten the name, arriving in Alaska during the summer to investigate the murder of a 17 year old girl. His intellectual and deductive prowess is displayed expertly through the brilliant dialogue and direction on Nolan's behalf which lead me to thinking that I was about to be watching a brilliant detective story about a man who's skills are similar to Sherlock Holmes.
So when the story takes a turn and Al Pacino accidentally shoots his partner in the fog thinking he is the murderer and then goes on to LIE about everything that happened, digging himself a deeper and DEEPER hole for his legendary reputation to fall into, I begin to lose my grasp on what this movie is actually about. Sort of. Well I just feel conflicted. I felt frustrated the entire time as to WHY he lied in the first place! If he told the truth to begin with everything would be fine, but he just doesn't and it leads to the most annoying situation that I could watch on screen.

Anyways to the good points in the movie. Robin Williams' surprising role is quite good. He successfully portrays this disturbed writer whose loner lifestyle, insecurities and awkward situation with the 17 y/o lead him to killing her.

Al Pacino also has a fantastic role that he portrays perfectly. His attitudes are effectively displayed as the situation unfolds and his career is in jeopardy.

This movie however...disappointing or unexpected of an experience to watch was still rather well directed and put together. The story is interesting ad the characters are relatable. All in all, it's not fantastic but it is still a good film.

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