Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

Clichéd to no end, Spielberg manufactures a predictable film that represents mostly what is wrong with blockbusters today: forced relationships, forgettable side characters, an abundance of macguffins and an empty and tumultuous plot that offers nothing unique and tries to make you forget that fact by bombarding you with an endless parade of homages and easter eggs.

Much of the charm and magic Spielberg so effortlessly exuded in his earlier and much superior work like E.T and Catch Me If You Can is lost on Ready Player One. It's a very messy film, but yet it is never boring in its incoherence and most certainly would have been a complete train-wreck if Spielberg wasn’t at the helm.

In the end, Spielberg is far too blindsided evoking nostalgia to focus on developing a coherent plot and memorable characters, leaving audiences with a rather empty feeling leaving the theatre.

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