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This review may contain spoilers.

Frustrating that they didn’t just get this for the festival! But it was fine in a HOYTS cinema, plus I got my ticket for cheap enough so it’s algood. ($10) 

I mean what a turn. Anything that makes it to New Zealand cinemas from Korea is a masterpiece. Maybe because they are all from the same masters - Bong Joon-ho, Park Chan-wook, Lee Chang-dong etc.

I just have to understand how to write original cinema before I die. I mean believable and smart imagination is just so awe inspiring. What would also help is understanding all major cultures, I find that so interesting, writing for your own culture. I wonder if Chan-wook’s western movies suffer for that, trying to make movies for Americans being a Korean.

The places this picture went when sh*t hits the fan are exactly what was needed, I mean by halfway it was up to a good point, very smart. Conversation on Upper vs Lower class very strong. I am very surprised by the dads final impulse, I can’t believe someone would go so far.

The little analogy, which is fairly staple for Korean cinema, is a little speech done by the guy from Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, the dad, about his living situation, about going with the flow. And it is something I also one hundred percent live by, something that I’ve thought about of course, but I completely disagree with this character. Mr. Bong did this on purpose, I mean, the most pitiable and weak character tells a part of his philosophy, well of course your not gonna think it’s great. He has a reason for being in the sh*t, excuses, excuses. I’m a lazy bugger myself, so it’s a lazy thing - don’t make plans, live by the day, ‘cause sh*t happens. Planning does seem to lead to fair success, the Park family shows us that, a rich man is working a rich mans job, a job which requires plans to exist, leading him and his family to richness, for some people that is success. I think this points a finger with a laugh at Ki-taek. The man’s philosophy leads him down a path to murder, I think his idea is unstable and makes himself unstable and easily provoked or manipulated.

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