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  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    A few years ago It Comes at Night would have probably been written as a zombie film. For a while there, all the "disease is spreading" movies felt they had to have some form of undead element. That's the way trends work, so it's not surprising, but now that we've emerged out of the tunnel, it's refreshing to get a film like It Comes at Night to remind us about the simple fear behind getting sick and dying.

    Long after…

  • Orgasm Torture in Satans Rape Clinic

    Orgasm Torture in Satans Rape Clinic


    Sometimes a title just demands to be watched. I knew it was going to suck, you know it, too. But it's a movie called Orgasm Torture in Satan's Rape Clinic. It's one of those titles that, if you have any interest in transgressive cinema, whispers too many promises in your ear to over ride the logic of the situation. False promises, mind--but nonetheless.

    As with most movies of this nature (low budget, softcore porns), plot is pretty much left unsaid--and…

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  • Spotlight



    In college I was an English major with a minor in Journalism. I went that route because Journalism was the only English-related minor that, at my University, an English major could take. But as I went through the classes to get my minor, I came to realize two things:

    1. I had a deep love of what newspaper do and a respect for the people who write the stories.

    2. My personality would never hold up in the journalistic world.…

  • Joy



    David O. Russell needs to pause for a moment and look at the career of Tim Burton. Tim Burton started off as an intriguing, creative director, but then he fell in love with Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter and he stopped making movies, he started making backyard jungle gyms for his new infatuations to play about in. Quality tanked, movies sucked, life goes on because there are plenty of movies out there to watch that aren't Burton/Carter/Depp lovefests.