Back to the Future Part II ★★★½

It might be a stretch to call Biff one of the most detestible characters in history—there are a lot of awful people in fiction, after all—but it’s hard to remember others when watching a Back to the Future film.

I think I liked this more than the first Back to the Future. I mean, my ratings definitely reflect that, although it could just be mood. But there’s just something rather quaint about how the 80s saw 2015. It’s so horribly off, and in ways that are easy to be jealous of. Like, sure they don’t have smartphones or Facebook, but they do have hoverboards—real ones without wheels or flamibility issues. I want a real hoverboard, even though I’m about 70% sure it’d kill me.

I’d gladly swap social media for a hoverboard. Even Letterboxd, which is less social media and more a lot of people screaming into a void their opinions via shortform blog posts. I mean, not judging—I’m here, too—but it is what it is. And frankly, you probably would, too. Hoverboards are cool.

Anyway, cool as the future is, it’s the return to the past (complete with the same locations as the first film) where things start to drag a bit. While the duplicitous locales are a bit tedious, it’s really how the script uses the past to drag things out that makes the final half hour of film the longest half hour.

Having not grown up with the Back to the Future films I doubt if I’ll ever love them like the rest of society does, but this was fun and I’m glad I decided to try it out.

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