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  • Invocation of My Demon Brother

    Invocation of My Demon Brother


    Look, I'm sure this imagery played in 1969, but I feel like I'm being asked to take some really, really goofy occultism with a level of seriousness I cannot bring myself to.

  • The Beast

    The Beast


    Endlessly entertaining (it absolutely flies by), totally comic, disturbingly violent, and genuinely erotic (the rare film that would work perfectly well as both art and porn), The Beast is my first exposure to Borowczyk and based on this alone I can understand where his ardent defenders come from. From the opening very graphic close ups of a horse penis going into a twitching horse vagina to the controversial dream sequence to a masturbation scene for the ages, this film is…

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  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl

    Handsomely mounted and entirely devoid of any kind of substance. Note to my cisgender friends, this is coming from a real life Certified Trans Woman™: you don't have to pretend to like this movie anymore. It's not very good.

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  • The Unknown Known

    The Unknown Known


    Compared to its obvious sister piece, The Fog of War (a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking), The Unknown Known can seem frustratingly elusive and indirect. Rumsfeld seems almost pathologically incapable of answering a question straight, and his near-constant denial of basic facts (even when shown to him directly) is maddening at times. However, Errol Morris is a great filmmaker, and he uses this slippery quality to express the very character of the man he's sat down to interview. In every evasive…