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  • Digging Up the Marrow

    Digging Up the Marrow


    Ray Wise sells material that is, for the most part, way too padded and hokey, though it has its share of good meta moments and genuine scares.

  • Krapp's Last Tape

    Krapp's Last Tape


    An all time performance from an all time actor of an all time playwright, beautiful and pained and lonely and desperate and regretful and old.

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  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl

    Handsomely mounted and entirely devoid of any kind of substance. Note to my cisgender friends, this is coming from a real life Certified Trans Woman™: you don't have to pretend to like this movie anymore. It's not very good.

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  • The Unknown Known

    The Unknown Known


    Compared to its obvious sister piece, The Fog of War (a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking), The Unknown Known can seem frustratingly elusive and indirect. Rumsfeld seems almost pathologically incapable of answering a question straight, and his near-constant denial of basic facts (even when shown to him directly) is maddening at times. However, Errol Morris is a great filmmaker, and he uses this slippery quality to express the very character of the man he's sat down to interview. In every evasive…