American Honey ★★½

Exceptionally well made, certainly, but it's like...I guess I just don't get what anyone is supposed to get out of a film like this. Obviously, other people are getting something, but for me, it simply doesn't make me feel anything. Even as someone who recognizes these kids, recognizes these houses, and even acknowledging it at a strong anthropological document (especially for a film made by a non-American), it didn't do anything for me besides intellectual appreciation. Also about an hour in I was drained and didn't want to continue, but length is a bit of a nitpick-I'm sure if I liked it it wouldn't have felt so goddamn long. I respect it, but I really didn't enjoy much of it at all. Also, as good as Shia is, the romantic plot line with him could have and should have been excised. It's easily the weakest aspect, through no fault of either actor. I don't know. Sometimes merely being extremely accurate to real experiences doesn't create interesting art (see also Margaret- though this film is certainly better than that 3 hours of nails on a chalkboard).