Sunspring ★★★★★

After logging this film so many times this year, it feels weird trying to come up with anything else to say.

Divorced from any idea of sentimentality and cliche, a computer was able to write the line "I don't want to be honest with you" and blow the entire idea of a relationship drama apart. A computer told someone to say, "I think I could have been my life", and without the computer understanding any aspects of the existential question this entails, the despair this brings, it delivers to us. A computer wrote the best line in film this year: "He looks at me and he throws me out of his eyes." The computer didn't understand the heartbreak here, but it delivered. Poetry. Pure, sublime, truly unselfconscious poetry. Words written for an audience unknown, and audience of one- a binary audience, executing on a program real people wrote. I can't imagine a more beautiful script this year. I can't imagine actors more able to wrestle these fucked up syntaxes into beautiful, melancholy, incredible meaning. Everyone dismissing this as a gimmick is dead wrong, every second of the day, every moment of this film- there is no more poetic film released in the last decade, besides (maybe) The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. When this doesn't get a short film nomination, it'll prove how out of touch the academy is, just as The Act of Killing losing best doc to fucking 20 feet from stardom proved they don't know what truly incredible documentary filmmaking looked like. This is one of the cornerstones of this decade, mark my words.

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