Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

From rising Japanese animator Makoto Shinkai comes Your Name, a complex tale about two teenagers, who randomly switch bodies on various occasions. The two of them eventually set out to find each other, but events become even more bizarre and complicated.

Inheriting a visual style similar to the great Miyazaki, Shinkai's Your Name is aesthetically beautiful, which is supported by an incredible score from Japanese composer Youjirou Noda. The film also features many interesting characters as well as an undeniably powerful message about compassion, empathy and the sad yet inivitable passing of time.

Makoto Shinkai's typically touching and hyper-saturated style is very much present here and there are many memorable and heartbreaking moments situated throughout the film's runtime. All this is aided by a strong script and some great voice acting. Ultimately, Your Name emerges as a beautiful and unique body-swapping romance and arguably one of the best anime films to come out in recent times.

VERDICT - both stunning and assiduous, Your Name is a veritable study of the passing of time that is hugely thought-provoking and relevant. It's clear that Shinkai has a great career ahead of him and I believe that he can still offer more.

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