Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★★

i knew cronenberg had done it again when kstew was standing in the back of viggo's performance giving big "i'll have what he's having!" vibes, when what he's having is essentially an appendectomy.

another intensely compelling meditation on what it means to be human, examined through a vision of the future where that question is even more complex and the possibilities are a lot more extreme. as is often the case, cronenberg has a great eye for casting and letting actors do their work, and excellent performances from lea seydoux, viggo mortensen, kristen stewart and scott speedman really help you buy in to this twisted, abrasive little corner of the future.

having not really played in this genre for years now, this feels a bit like a culmination of a lot of his previous body horror works. cronenberg pulls together motifs, imagery and threads that have carried through movies like the fly, videodrome, existenz and crash. here, he brings together a lot of the questions those asked about the body, humanity, technology, pleasure and autonomy after 20-40 more years of rumination, and the results is a movie that feels really timely and thoughtful under its organo-industrial aesthetic. as with all of his work, cronenberg doesn't really have any interest in giving concrete answers here, but instead he provides a lot of fuel for you to throw on to your mental bonfire afterwards. just know that it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

also, as an aside - weird as this might be, this definitely accelerated the grey's anatomy fuelled crush i've been developing on scott speedman.

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