Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort ★★★★

Director Walter Hill has repeatedly exclaimed that this film is not a metaphor for the Vietnam War well.... you could've fooled me! haha!

A group of National Guardsmen run afoul of some backwoods Cajun folk while out on what is supposed to be a routine training exercise. What starts off as a misunderstanding quickly becomes a bloody and thoroughly intense game of cat and mouse in the cold, soggy swamps of Louisiana!

This is one of the few Walter Hill movies I previously hadn't seen and I'm kicking myself for it! SOUTHERN COMFORT has a great cast (Powers Boothe, Keith Carradine, Fred Ward, et al.) and a twangy soundtrack from Ry Cooder that suits the film perfectly.

The movie really pulls you in after the main group of characters are introduced, and the tension continues to ratchet up as the poorly-equipped, and totally out of their element weekend warriors battle for their lives against a cruel enemy that has "home field advantage."

This one comes highly recommended - as does the 4K UHD release of SOUTHERN COMFORT that was recently released by Vinegar Syndrome!

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