Thanksgiving ★★★½

A year after the nightmarish riot at a Black Friday sale at the local Right Mart, where multiple people were injured and/or killed, a mysterious masked killer with a (literal) axe to grind begins knocking off those that were responsible for the infamous Black Friday horror. As the body count climbs, local teens and police actively try to bring the villain to justice, leading to a disturbing Thanksgiving feast!

Though it lacks the grindhouse aesthetic of the fake trailer that spawned it, THANKSGIVING in no way suffers from being shot like a modern horror film. The kills are fun and gruesome, and the movie keeps you guessing throughout as to who might be the maniac under the John Carver mask! (Yeesh, do you really need that many red herrings Eli Roth?!)

This is easily one of the better modern slashers I've seen and I can see myself revisiting it every Thanksgiving holiday. Check it out!

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