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Mitch Lovell

Mitch has been obsessively watching movies since the age of three. All kinds of movies. He doesn't care.

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  • Girl Shy

    Girl Shy


    It kind of suffers from a long winded build-up, but once it settles in and finds its groove, it’s quite enjoyable. The extended finale where Harold Lloyd races against the clock to stop a wedding is action packed and contains lots of cool stunts and big laughs. This sequence is among Lloyd’s best work and is a real testament to not only his gifts as a comedian, but as a fearless stuntman as well.

  • Out for Blood

    Out for Blood


    Don “the Dragon” Wilson stars as a lawyer hellbent on revenge in this better-than-expected Death Wish clone. After his wife and kid are killed by drug dealers, Don goes into a kill-crazy fit every time he even LOOKS at drugs. When he literally stumbles upon a drug deal in the middle of the street, he goes Batman on the dealers. Yes, dear reader, I just may have applauded during the bit where Don grabs a brick of cocaine and tears it apart with his bare hands in glorious slow motion.

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  • The Bare Wench Project 3: Nymphs of Mystery Mountain

    The Bare Wench Project 3: Nymphs of Mystery Mountain


    The flick clocks in at 78 minutes. In that time we get six sex scenes. There are three Five-Way Gratuitous Topless Scenes (including one by campfire), one Girl on Girl scene, one Girl on Girl on Girl scene, and one Five-Way Chocolate Syrup Rubdown scene. And before you go and complain that there’s only a sex scene every 13 minutes, you should consider that the Five-Way Chocolate Syrup Rubdown scene is the Skinamax equivalent to the Goodfellas nightclub sequence. In fact, that scene alone is pretty much worth the price of admission right there.

  • Lucky


    Who's Lucky? Certainly not the audience, that's for damned sure.