• Squish!


    A strange and intriguing short about a young woman's usage of art to express her own illness as it also allude to Thailand's history with animation though the overall execution is a mess and a bit boring at times.

  • Nope


    An absolutely chilling yet witty horror-suspense-comedy from Jordan Peele that is definitely one of his best films to date in this exploration of two siblings who try to deal with a mysterious alien spaceship that is eating their horses and had killed their father as it features an eerie music score by Michael Abels as well as incredible cinematography from Hoyte van Hoytema and a great ensemble cast lead by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer.

  • The Pied Piper

    The Pied Piper

    A pretty fucked-up cartoon about a guy with a flute who manages to get rid of a bunch of rats at a castle only to be cheated by the king over payment prompting the man to take away all of the kids from the castle and into a land of joy. Yet, if the kids thought having to do labor for a shitty-ass castle was bad. They're in no idea what the Pied Piper is going to do with them.…

  • Nest


    An intoxicating and engaging film about the year of the life of three brothers trying to build a tree house through different weather conditions, setbacks, and other things as it is all shot in one simple camera position in the course of that entire year as it is a great short from Hlynur Palmason.

  • Mainstream


    A satirical and entertaining film from Gia Coppola that explore the world of internet culture and influencers in which a wannabe filmmaker meets a strange man who becomes a celebrity sensation with his views on social media and such as it features a chilling yet electrifying performance from Andrew Garfield as well as great supporting work from Nat Wolff and Maya Hawke.

  • The Making of Ms. Marvel

    The Making of Ms. Marvel

    An incredible entry in the MCU Assembled documentary series that explores the making of the show as well as the attention to detail in visual effects, look, set design, costume design, as well as going into the subject of the Partition as it only adds more reasons why the should have ALL OF THE FUCKING EMMYS!

  • The Golden Touch

    The Golden Touch

    A hilarious take on the story of King Midas who gains the golden touch but like every wish. It comes at a price and what a price it is though one can never deny the taste of a damn good hamburger. With onions.

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane

    One of the greatest cinematic triumphs of the 20th Century told with such style by Orson Welles and co-writer Herman J. Mankiewicz in this exploration of the rise and fall of a media tycoon who wants it all only to deal with loneliness as he laments into what he had truly lost in his journey to success.

  • Endless Poetry

    Endless Poetry

    A visually-enthralling and touching film from Alejandro Jodorowsky in this incredible sequel to 2013's The Dance of Reality that explores Jodorowsky from being a teenager to being a man in Santiago where he deals with growing pains and his need to find himself as a poet that is filled with gorgeous art direction, mesmerizing imagery by Christopher Doyle, and incredible performance from Brontis and Adan Jodorowsky as Jodorowsky's father and the young Alejandro.

  • Hawaiian Holiday

    Hawaiian Holiday

    A hilarious cartoon short in which Mickey and the gang vacation in Hawaii in which Donald tries to learn how to hulu dance while Pluto battles a crab and Goofy tries to surf but constantly fails.

  • Mickey's Trailer

    Mickey's Trailer

    A hilarious short in which Mickey, Donald, and Goofy live in a high-tech trailer that is filled with gadgets as they're all trying to live while on the road in which Goofy messes things up as usual.

  • Hennessy X.O: Odyssey

    Hennessy X.O: Odyssey

    A stylish and visually-enthralling commercial from Nicolas Winding Refn that is about what it takes to create the best cognac from Hennessy.