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  • Green Oranges

    Green Oranges


    "The first Oranges weren't actually Orange, they were actually green." (....)

    They really thought they had something with this script didn't theyobhkegrigbrfuibvyuihgyibhjubonhuibjnuhbijnouibyguvfctrqyghwjeiurtiiyuijhgfdsweshittyuiuytrwsdvfbgnhmjuytdrhgsfvsfweplmnbvcxzasdfghjkloiuytrewedrtyhjmnbvcxswhnjyerhtg

    Alright, I'll get serious.

    "Green Oranges" (that title says it all lol) is a satire? I don't exactly know what this is. Apparently, It's in the "Comedy" genre. I personally found this to feel more like a satire on those people who believe everything on Facebook. Remember all those stupid Facebook posts about Election Fraud [that are still…

  • Hard Night Falling

    Hard Night Falling



    My DVD copy of this I bought at my local Family Video a few months ago skipped and I had to skip the first 22 minutes. Pretty sure that didn't change my opinion on it though. (insert thinking emoji here).

    It's safe to say that I wish it would've skipped the first 80 minutes. I was willing to watch the credits so I could memorize who made this film and make sure to try to track them down and…

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Rest in Peace, King. You were the best Hero in the MCU.

    Chadwick Boseman might be gone, but his legacy of having one of the best Superhero films ever put on screen will live on. He will live on in our hearts, at least.

    Wakanda Forever.

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween

    Lord Shrek help us all.

    I give up. I guess we're supposed to just accept the fact that Sandler will not ever stop. He's not a bad actor, He's not even a bad comedian for that matter. He is a somewhat bad writer at times, and this is FOR SURE one of those times.

    "Hubie Halloween" is an appallingly absurd and dreadful triumph. It's the epic monumental failure that Sandler's career has been leading up to.

    Here's a list of…