Red Notice

Red Notice ★★

Ready ?
What could possibly go wrong ?

Exactly what I expected from it. Mediocre humour great hand combat okayish Action sequences definitely not great heist and adventure with two incredibly beautiful actors and Rock.

Inspector Das :- Keep Making your Jokes because I'm about to send you to the worst place in the world.
Booth :- Your Instagram account ?

Well seriously Ritu Arya's Instagram account looks like shit.


🎵 I found a love 🎵

Fuck Cleopatra and her three eggs all we need is for Ed Sheeran to sing Perfect in our wedding.

Ed Sheeran who knew
God he's so cute.
Yeah I like that Guy

Get off me
Do you know who I am
I was on Game Of Thrones
I'm Ed Sheeran Bitch 😂😂

The only good thing in this boring 2 hr film is the last 15 mins excluding credits. This doesn't even qualify as a mindless comedy with no logic.

One Time Bearable

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