Scream ★★★½

Don't Fuck with the Daughter of a Serial Killer🔥🔥

Far better than what I expected, maybe I kept my expectations too low after the Scream 4 and the least faith I have in Hollywood in making good sequels.

Are You Ready?
For this one, Never.

Though the killers were obvious to find out but the journey through the film made the experience worth while. Loved the first part references. Scream being one of my all time Favourites in Horror/Slasher genre the way it had Self Referential plot points bashing Hollywood studios was something new back then and it still holds up pretty darn well. You don't go to 5Cream and expect Hereditary you go to 5Cream to sit down eat popcorn and enjoy all the blood flowing ( no this is not psychotic the slasher movies are made for that kinda shit).

I've seen this movie before.
Not this movie, Sydney.

Scream or 5cream or Scream5 being the first part without involvement of Wes Craven holds up pretty well and paying Homage to the legend and his films. Scream5 might be my second favourite or third favourite in the Pentalogy it's great but it's not the best still a great for theatrical watch. Haven't been to theatre in a while since No Way Home so Scream 5 reminded me again how much I love sitting in a dark room filled with my homies and strangers and react to something you either love or you're new to.

David Arquette nailed it.
Courtney Cox nailed it.
Neve Campbell deserved more Scream time.
Melissa Barera, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Mikey Madison all the new characters were good but let's be honest the legacy characters are the ones that bring the audience.

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