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    Endless Eight: The Movie

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    History Lessons


    The driving scenes in this one were reminiscent of Birdemic. And if that's the most positive thing you have to say about a film...

    At this point I feel sure that Straub/Huillet are the least accessible directors out there. Certainly they are the least of the 5000 directors that I've seen films by according to Letterboxd. Obviously there has to be something to appreciate about their films, for them to be so highly regarded, but I can't understand how anyone…

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  • Not Reconciled

    Not Reconciled


    This was almost certainly not my kind of film anyway, and from reading other reviews on here it seems like some level of familiarity with the source material is required in order to be able to follow the plot, but when the version being shown by MUBI in their Straub/Huillet retrospective is missing subtitles for around a third of the dialogue (and rising to over half in the final 15 minutes) understanding the film escalates to an impossible task.


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    This film dissed Chelsea so I refuse to rate it objectively.

    Although it actually is a pretty poor documentary anyway.