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  • Fantasy



    i just saw malakie watched this so i did too. im honestly so bummed i wasn’t able to watch this with her at 5am then hit first call at lost lake after with her. regardless, what the FUCK. it’s like the ending of every superjail in 3min

  • Claire's Camera

    Claire's Camera


    one of the absolute purest films, my heart!!!

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Reynolds is the perfect character for Day-Lewis to bid farewell through. He’s a man whose lifelong passion serves as both sustinence and poison. His fascination in and love for fabric constantly undercut by its necessity for flesh. A man who dresses to disguise, to perform, to exist. When that is taken away - what is there but the heart wrenching and cruel come down? Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  • People's Republic of Desire

    People's Republic of Desire


    oh man, this was heartbreaking. it took me a bit to get into the graphics/overall presentation, but the farther along it goes the more you get sucked in. especially as you feel for the lowly viewers, as this seemingly innocent form of human connection vis-à-vis technology is reveleaed as just another dream crushing, soul sucking machine concerned only with money & vanity.