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  • Pickups



    tucked into this film somehow is one of the year’s best scores

  • California Dreams

    California Dreams


    at one point, the line between reality and fiction is so blurred that the lines disappear all together and the experience becomes a hallucinatory one. but did the fact vs fiction ever matter in the first place? we love film because it allows us to become lost in feelings and narrative, and this is such a great example of that.

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    As a result of festival carry overs, this is the first truly remarkable film of 2017. Yeah, it's taken a long time to get here, but damn this is just filmmaking on another level. Beat for beat the Safdie Bros have escalated every single aspect of what makes them great. From street casting to tense openings, from claustrophobic photography to problematic protagonists; Good Time is a film that shook me to my goddamn soul and then by the time the credits rolled, had me in tears. Thank you for this, it's why I love film.

  • Caniba



    In the post-film Q+A, co-director Véréna Paravel remarked that, “If you were born in Paris pre-1981, the story of Issei Sagawa was a cultural moment that stayed with you.” Now, who exactly is Issei Sagawa and what exactly is his story? To keep it brief, Issei Sagawa is a Japanese sex cannibal who, during his time at the Sarbonne pursuing his Ph.D. in literature, shot, dismembered, and consumed fellow classmate Renée Hartevelt. After his capture, Sagawa spent two years in…