Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

Charlie and the chocolate factory meets Wreck it Ralph (?) A fun, nostalgic, entertaining, but heavily flawed movie. 

Pros: mendehelson gives a great villain performance, loved it. I loved the entire story about Halliday,( rylance’s character)was powerful and moving, and it nearly had me in tears at the end. Action scenes mostly pulsed with adrenaline, especially the second act homage which had me grinning ear to ear. Visually it was pretty well done too, it really felt like a place, a home, a video game. 

Cons: our two leads could be substituted by any generic action hero from a YA novel and I couldn’t tell you the difference, that was disappointing. The movie nearly made a really brilliant commentary on the gaming community as well but wanted to side step it in a total bullShit manner which also disappointed me. And TJ Miller annoyed the shit out of me. Not enough simon Pegg. It’s pretty predictable too, if you’ve seen any YA anything. 

This is any generic YA type movie, but with Spielberg’s heart and passion behind it, you get an entertaining but flawed movie.

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