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  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


    Some great monologues, important themes and slick tunes, but even with the slim runtime of 1.5hr, it just drags... Still getting my head around the obviously symbolic final act of Boseman’s character, but to me it pretty much sums up the film as a whole - gratuitous.

  • Catching Feelings

    Catching Feelings

    Goodness... Well, this was an thoroughly avoidable romcom - written in about 5 seconds, with not even the feeblest attempt at subtext or profound discourse beyond the very on-the-nose and incessant race war going on in the protagonist’s mind, which is ironic considering both the protagonist and antagonist are writers / academics, and a lot of the supporting cast are meant to be intelligent and educated. This film COULD have been hilarious, it COULD have been emotional, it COULD have…