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  • Bride of Chucky

    Bride of Chucky


    This movie is such a guilty pleasure of mine. But not so guilty because I really do like it and not ashamed that I like it. It's gorey, silly, witty, and just a fun movie to watch. I've seen it many many times. I'm a fan of the Child's Play franchise and out of all the films made and criticized, I don't think this is the worst one made, it's arguably one of the better ones. That's just my opinion though.

  • Martyrs



    31 years. That's how long it took to find a movie that really messed me up mentally. This film is devastatingly beautiful in a twisted way, yet horrifying. I've seen hundreds of thousands of films. I started really getting into movies (especially horror and thriller) at age 5. Yeah yeah, I know. But it's been an interest ever since. However, this film, it just hits you. It sticks with you. Some may hate it or find it too intense, and…