The Theatre Bizarre

The Theatre Bizarre ★★★★

Well, shit. Finally saw it. Let’s just say doing a watch party of this with an equally twisted buddy is one of the best times you’ll ever have. 

Favourite segment is hard to choose but it’s actually probably The Accident. How it doesn’t fit at all into the others makes it extremely special and poetic. I will also say that Wet Dreams really got to me in a strange sense….I haven’t been that disturbed and amused by something since when I first saw Ari Aster’s The Turtle’s Head. AND THE Q TIP EWWWWWW

Mother of Toads, bad but hilarious and slimy. I Love You, Tommy Wiseau The Room levels of complete hilarity and some of the worst (or best???) screenwriting ever typed. Vision Stains didn’t grip me much and was an unwelcome bummer after so many laughs. Sweets was also side-splitting and deliciously gory. 

All in all. I had to lower my score for The ABCs of Death 2 because this….thing…..just went and took everything I thought I knew about the horror anthology and turned it completely on its head in a delightfully depraved, unforgettable way.

The cutbacks to Udo and his magnificent show are something to be cherished. What an experience at the Theatre Bizarre.

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