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  • Malcolm & Marie


  • The White Tiger


  • Mississippi Grind


  • Emicida: AmarElo - It's All for Yesterday


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  • My Golden Days

    My Golden Days


    Very moving, entertaining and funny film, about the beauty of falling is love head first with no security net.

  • Soul



    Beautiful movie. I’m still not sure if this can be considered a children’s movie, but as an adult and a jazz fan, I just loved it. Just updated my rating from 4 to 4.5 stars as this movie keeps growing on me in the two days since I’ve watched it.

  • The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob

    The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob


    The humor in this movie aged so badly I stoped midway through. I’m not even talking about the politically incorrect stuff, which which I also expected to be funnier, but more the slapstick humor side of it which is seriously unfunny. 

    I you want some good Louis de Funes, better to watch La Grande Vadrouille.

  • The Night Before

    The Night Before

    So bad I stopped watching after the first half hour. If you want some actual Seth Rogen laughs, go watch Neighbours.