Superbad ★★★★★

This movie is still a comedic masterpiece. The comedy is witty,quippy,clever and is elevated by Michael Cera and Jonah Hill's incredible line delivery. I'm a lot like Seth and Evan except I'm not as obnoxious about plowing vagina like Seth is. This movie in terms of its characters and plot is a little bit more complex than your average comedy and it's hard to swallow and put into words. A story of insecurity,love for your friends but unable to avoid drifting apart from them in life,social awkwardness. My god does this movie nail social awkwardness. There's so many scenes in this movie of awkward character interactions cause Evan and Seth are so fucking insecure. Seth says dumb and crude shit cause he feels like no matter what,nobody will take him seriously. This all shit people can relate to. Including me. This movie is also just paced incredibly well and doesn't stop the movie to tell a joke. Dialogue serves the plot perfectly. The dialogue isn't on the nose either. There's so many instances where if you pay attention you can see the slow drifting apart between Evan and Seth without the movie outright spelling it out for you.

In conclusion,god I wish Michael Cera would get back into the mainstream cause I fucking love him. The movie is consistently funny,witty and quippy and it tells a beautiful and complex story that has a lot to unfold within it that is sad,but very real. 10/10 masterpiece man.