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  • Welcome to New York
  • D.O.A.



    I wanna be Anarchy!
    the only way to be.

    - sings a wide-eyed Johnny Rotten at the top of his lungs, and the crowd is totally loving it.

    So, destruction is a necessity. Teenagers and all kinds of freaks part of the genesis of the punk scene appear on screen, possessed by wild energy, always an unpredictable act.

    While inside dusty offices, some really uptight british old folks (were there any other kind?) go on and on about the malefices…

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  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Images and sounds organized in enigmatic form as to create intense sensory experience, New Rose Hotel can be seen as what truly is modern about contemporary cinema.

    Not only because in 1998 Abel Ferrara was already breaking a film in two pieces, creating a mirror structure where each image can contradict its opposite identical side - and being wrongly accused of slopiness by critics for doing so! - a similar path other filmmakers would take years after: Quentin Tarantino in…

  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny


    The main character kept reminding me of The Driver from Hellman's Two-Lane Blacktop, always unquiet and silent, they drive and drive, but go nowhere. And that is precisely the point. Both heartbroken: one for a love that cannot be, the other for a love that is no more. Bud (Vincent Gallo) is a phantom, incapable of letting the past go, primal images that get progressively clear at each distant echo, each woman that crosses his path.