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  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off


    The only funny conservative comedy.

    I was so moved by Ferris, Sloane and especially Cameron's encounter with the sublime at the gallery. It's when their day off goes from about selfishly living in the moment to discovering something beyond the moment. Perhaps even beyond the realm of moments.

    We're talking about this and other significant teen movies on the latest miniseries on the returning Total Reboot. The episode we recorded about this movie is one of my favourite podcasts we've ever recorded. Other episodes out and coming soon are Dazed & Confused, Eighth Grade, Rumble Fish and many more to come...

    Listen here:

  • Shadows of Blood

    Shadows of Blood


    In my search for the Lex The Wonderdog, the lost masterpiece by child prodigy Sydney Ling, I have discovered this. Shadows of Blood. The rarest of films. A film that basically, doesn't exist.

    Starring Ling collaborator Paul Naschy and maniacal freak Barry Fleming as super sadist serial killers on a strangling rampage across the rain slicked streets of Amsterdam.

    It's shot directly on to the VHS tape you'd be watching it on in the analog days. I'm not sure who…

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