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  • The City Without Jews

    The City Without Jews


    It's nice to see a 1920s narrative that differentiates between "Jewish people are hoarding all the money" and "the people with all the money are hoarding all the money". But The City Without Jews is, at heart, a family drama, and what it posits early on as a structural economic problem gets largely ignored for the rest of the film. It rubbed me the wrong way that two different characters had to have a change of heart because they both…

  • Let Your Light Shine

    Let Your Light Shine

    Some guy pulled out his phone toward the end of this, but I'm not even mad because the eight prismatic reflections of his phone were gorgeous.

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  • The Clock

    The Clock


    Saw all 24 hours. The whole experience was sublime, and I can only offer some musings and observations:

    • These characters do so many things with clocks. They start the clocks. They stop the clocks. They enter the clocks. They climb the clocks. They pull the clocks out of corpses. They kill using the clocks. They kill the clocks. They embrace the clocks. I was geniunely curious if someone would pull an American Pie with a clock.
    • I knew…

  • Dr. Caligari

    Dr. Caligari


    The cast seems to have confused acting with voguing and I am here for it.