Drew has written 14 reviews for films during 2022.

  • The Visitor

    The Visitor

    I'm still not entirely clear on what happened, but whatever did happen, it happened really a lot. There's something fascinating about the way it aligns a very domestic thriller with excessive, fantastical mysticism. Everything gets wrung through overbearing sound cues and the most insane editing.

    At one point, the little girl looks Shelley Winters dead in the eye and ominously announces, "I'm a Capricorn." It really is the most reasonable explanation for the whole thing.

  • Shakma



    The murderous rampaging baboon had better vibes than every person in this.

  • All About Eve

    All About Eve

    (It was, in fact, all about Margo.)

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    Hands down the most David Cronenberg™ film that Cronenberg has birthed this century. It nicely ties together a few ideas that've stuck with me from Annihilation, Evolution (2015), and That Episode of Invader Zim. Fans of eXistenZ, Crash, or Dead Ringers will feel right at home in the unsettling, antiseptic world Cronenberg builds, but his preoccupations here most remind me of his adaptation of Cosmopolis. Here once again is a capitalist world locked in a cycle of self-destruction and transformation.…

  • Ten Minutes in the Morning

    Ten Minutes in the Morning


    All power to the swoletariat.

  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    David Lynch is the only director who understands the dramatic potential of Laura Dern's face.

  • Tricia's Wedding

    Tricia's Wedding

    Some highlights:

    • Mamie Eisenhower saying the word "well".
    • Eartha Kitt telling Lady Bird Johnson to kiss her ass.
    • A wedding procession of cartoonish, pancaked faces completely dead behind the eyes, like zombies in a Jack Smith film.
    • Eartha Kitt turning the whole thing into Climax (2018).
    • Sylvester as Coretta Scott King whipping a writhing pile of white socialites.

    Not everything aged well or lands right, but what's left packs a punch.

  • Memoria



    The first time it happened, my dumb ass thought someone slammed the theater door, even though I was sitting there waiting for it happen. And the studio scene? Perfect.

    A terrific film to be starting to fall asleep to.

  • Jamon Jamon

    Jamon Jamon

    I appreciate how suddenly this movie will veer between a dramatic mode and just like, hot sluts making poor decisions. It's a bit uneven in how some of the characters are situated between the two, but fun nevertheless.

  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita


    I saw a lot of myself in this film, in the sense that it has a gay who finds himself incredibly moved by the concept of dawn.

  • Shit & Champagne

    Shit & Champagne

    Thank you to the San Francisco Public Library for ordering this for me. You truly are an invaluable source of knowledge and culture.

    Anyway my favorite part was when the queen shat herself and dragged it across the floor and then the guy slipped in it.

  • Parallel Mothers

    Parallel Mothers

    The guy behind me kept whispering "yass" under his breath and he was right.