Drew has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ during 2021.

  • Carol



    I turn into a puddle every time Carol makes some forward gesture, her face all poised and composed; Therese pauses, caught off guard; and then chaos breaks out on Carol's face when for just a moment there's a void that she doesn't quite know how to bridge. Even when Haynes stages that interaction, shot from a different room with walls covering all but a tiny sliver of the frame, I stare at the 10 pixels he fits them into and melt.

  • The Devil Is a Woman

    The Devil Is a Woman


    A sample page from the screenplay of The Devil Is a Woman:

    Late at night, fog fills the air, making it difficult to see. A group of willow trees are outside a house, their leaves dangling over a house.

    A heavy rain pours down onto the house, water running off the roof and falling in front of the window. A mysterious figure is masked by the slats of the window.

    Through the window, a party is in full swing during…

  • Narcissus



    So beautiful, I forget to breathe when I get to the part where Jean-Louis Morin dissolves into nothing but motion.