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  • Game Over, Man!

    Game Over, Man!


    Netflix's new original film was billed as an action comedy, and following a wave of positive word of mouth, I entered this fateful ordeal with badly managed expectations and zero patience.

    In essence, 'Game Over, Man' is why Adam Devine is becoming the poster boy for dumb comedies. In twenty years time, his wasted career should be traced back to this one moment when he decided to write and star in perhaps one of the worst movies Netflix has ever…

  • Early Man

    Early Man


    Full review coming soon on

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  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


    All you needed to say was Francis McDormand and Sam Rockwell to make Three Billboards one of my most anticipated films of the season.

    It delivered.

    McDormand plays a grieving mother desperately seeking closure on her daughter's murder. Her typically outstanding delivery taps into the perennial conflict within our conscience between natural optimism and nurtured cynicism, as her crusade to undermine authority's apparent nonchalance is undermined only by her inherent compulsion to save those around her. But make no mistake,…

  • Coco



    For twenty years Disney and Pixar have collaborated on a conveyor line of animated classics, though until Coco the distinction between a core Disney film and a Pixar production was clear. However, in Coco we get something that feels like an instant Disney classic, infused with Pixar's ingenuity and innovation.

    Pixar have an incredible ability to dilute the most complex concepts and make them both entertaining and palatable for the whole family. Coco is no different, using the Day of…